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By Nicklaus Randal on Aug 12, 2018

The guys here did an excellent job on my truck. I'm proud to say that I love my new security system and keyless start. They had a huge job ahead of them, with so the stuff that I asked for, and they finished much faster than any of the other audio shops did. Thank you so much!

By Tiffany Walker on Aug 12, 2018

The guys at this location are so amazing ! The costumer service was superb! Had my door speakers done and subwoofers. This location is number 1 highly recommend going to this location .

By Jennifer Mann on Aug 09, 2018

This company buys defective equipment, installs it then has no problem charging you to fix it. DO NOT SHOP HERE!

By James H. on Aug 05, 2018

These guys seriously hooked my car up. I came in last Saturday to price a deck and subwoofer for my Mercedes and Daniel helped me throughout the entire process. He was extremely knowledgeable and I felt like he was giving me his honest opinion on the different pros and cons of the merchandise I was interested in. The process was seamless. I brought my car in the next morning and these guys installed everything in about 3 hours. I'm more than happy with the my sound system and would definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking to upgrade their car! Thanks again guys.

By DJ 3Iceblue on Aug 03, 2018

Lex & his staff have taken care of my stereo needs for years & yesterday was no different. Had some minor issues that they were able to fix, wait wasn't long & they sent me on my way. They stand by their work & are always willing to make sure your ride sounds great!

By TellnItLike ItIs on Aug 03, 2018

Totally screwing up our cars, not one but 2. Done with you guys!!

By Ron Willis on Jul 11, 2018

Great overall experience. The staff knew exactly what I wanted.

By Tate S. on Jul 11, 2018

These guys are great! I started looking around for a sub set for my 2012 Mercedes C-Class in all of the wrong places. First, Car Toys, then, Best Buy. Both of which had a decent selection for car entertainment, but neither compared to the pricing, selection, and professionalism I encountered at QAS. HUGE SHOUT OUT TO AJ AND LEX! THESE GUYS ARE CAR AUDIO GENIES! I went in with a set budget and they did everything they could do to get me out of the door with the bumping new sound system I desired. I was able to get my hands on a JL Audio subwoofer box that holds two 12s, an amp, bass knob(Comparable to a light dimmer but for bass adjustment), and some great quality cables to keep audio crisp and clear. Installation of said parts was done in 3HOURS, and it was done right to say the least! They respected my car as if it was one of their own and made sure that all bases were covered, leaving behind no tracks of their work, only a neatly placed amp and a well fitted subwoofer. Overall I'd rate my experience here a 10/10. Wanna spice up your ride a bit? These are the guys to go to!

By Benjamin Valdez on Jul 09, 2018

Went here several months ago, got my truck hooked up with a back up Camara and alarm, that all worked great, I did sell that truck and used the funds to get another car, that car needed a radio and an alarm, I knew what I wanted but they seemed to have a few specials going on they advised me of so things changed pretty quick, alil more money than I was hoping to shell out but I think it'll be worth it in the long run, the alarm I wanted was a good basic one, but for alil more I could get an alarm with remote start, so I thought thatd be cool, I was pondering between a basic deck and a touch screen, I had decided a basic deck but then they got me a deal on the touch screen and said it'll come with a back up Camara so that sold me, so they do like to upsell you a bit but I feel the value was there with what they were offering, dude was professional they weren't able to install it that day but I am dropping it off tonight and their guna do it tomorow so I'm looking forward to it, I will update this review good or bad after having it awhile and keep ppl informed

By Joel Sutton on Jul 07, 2018

Service was great

By Kam Tallie on Jul 04, 2018

Paid $150 and I even left a tip for a steering control adapter, a week later stopped working. I don’t trust them with my car anymore. Will never come back. I’ll just take the $150 as a loss. Update: now half my ac blows hot air and the other side cold air. Electrical problems from the installation. Wow. More money down the drain.

By Kam Tallie on Jun 27, 2018

Paid $150 and I even left a tip for a steering control adapter, a week later stopped working. I don’t trust them with my car anymore. Will never come back. I’ll just take the $150 as a loss.

By Matt Holden on Jun 23, 2018

Daniel and his guys did a great job. No stress, got exactly what I wanted done, would recommend. Edit: I now had an issue with a sub, they fixed my problem and hooked me up with a deal. These guys are great.

By D Giese on Jun 14, 2018

Great service. Attentive, knowledgeable and great service just didnt know who Die Antwoord is. Well Andreas is very familiar with them now. Good job bruh.

By John Moorhouse on Jun 07, 2018

AJ helped me with all of my questions with my 88 Deville, and gave me exactly what I needed to know

By Kupkake Walker on Jun 06, 2018

Love it here.

By Arnulfo Saldivar on May 31, 2018

Hope this guy is not a part of this group. lots of people have been hurt!

By Brian I. on May 30, 2018

I arrived right when they opened and was looking for a security alarm system for my car. I found something I wanted and they took my car into the garage to install it. It took them over eight hours to install the system, for when other people came in and bought a device for their car they would stop working on my car in order to install the other customers purchase. This happened several times through out the day, and even though I was the first customer I was the last one to leave because they put other customers needs before mine and left me waiting. Go anywhere but here for they only about making more money even if it is at the expense of your time.

By Sam Draper on May 27, 2018

Daniel was super helpful 5 stars

By Javontae Jourdain on May 26, 2018

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